I have a 1996 Ford Ranger. Often when I Just barely touch the brakes they lock up! It seems like this happens when the air is damp! The other problem is when I back up there’s a loud grinding sound coming from the rear of the truck. Could this be caused if the truck has self adjusting brakes?

The Ranger does have self adjusting rear brakes, but it won’t grind unless the brakes are down to metal. When was the last time you had the brakes replaced, all 4 wheels.

I’m with Wizard. You need your brakes checked.

In addition to the rear drums being self-adjusting, if they’re metal to metal they could be rusting in wet weather and grabbing instantly when the surfaces come in contact. All braking frictional surfaces on rotors and drums are cast iron, and that can form a rust layer even while you’re shopping at the mall. Normally your pads would compensate, but if you’re rivet-to-drum, that could lock up.

I have a 1999 ford ranger that sounds similer. The back breaks are the only ones that locks up, but they both do with almost no pressure. There is nothing wrong with the drums or pads and they don’t make any noise. I have anti lock breaks on the back breaks only. I have had it into the ford house and they turned the drums. It helped for 6 months but now it is doing the same thing. Another mechanic changed the anti-lock mechanisem under the hood and that too helped for 6 months (two different times) I hope someone can help us.