i have a2001 chev malibu i put new rotors and calibers and pads on the front… my problem is that the brakes are draging agianst the rotor wont release.bleed them all the way around.master cyclinder is ok the power booster is ok…what could b my problem

It is possible the flex line, the rubber portion of the brake line that attaches to the caliper, has degraded inside and is acting like a check valve, allowing pressure to come in from the master cylinder, but not letting the pressure fully release. I’ve seen this happen on a few cars and it could be happening to yours.

How badly are they dragging?? Disk brakes ALWAYS drag considerably after application until the SLIGHT amount of play in the wheel bearings allow the caliper piston to be pushed back a little…

Try this. With the wheel jacked off the ground, apply and release the brakes. Then check for drag. There will be quite a bit at this point… Now whack the front and then the rear edge of the tire with a baseball bat, simulating normal driving forces, and recheck the brake drag. I bet most of it is gone…

Is it just one brake dragging?
I’ve seen a rebuilt caliper of questionable quality stick and drag right out of the box.