I just put new brakes, disks and rotors on the rear of my 2000 mazda 626 v6. I have bled it all out and can not get the e brake to work properley. Are there any other adjustments on the calipers? I have also adjusted the hand break at the handle with no change.


e/p brake is usually a cable, not the hydraulics, adjust (or connect) the cable


Does the parking brake work by mechanically clamping the caliper or is there a separate little drum brake built into the rotor? With some caliper systems, you apply the foot brake hard, then work the parking brake lever until it tightens up and holds. Then release the foot brake… There is a little mechanical ratchet built into the caliper piston that must be “set”.


Many times the 2 brakes systems are independent of each other!


Thanks all,
Everything was fine with the adjustment before I changed them. Everything is put together the right way. Does the brake piston have to be unscrewed more, or will it tighten up soon? This not the first time at brake work for me so I am really puzzled.


Ha caddyman
the brakes are working good and smooth but ht e brake will not adjust. I just reposted a open reply about it. is the piston the problem you think?


Is that how yours works?? You had to rotate the piston into the caliper to get it to retract back into position to make room for the new pads? Yes-No??

If so, when the lever that the parking brake cable is attached to is moved 30 or 40 degrees, you should see the piston move out a little…Check that this lever has full movement and that you haven’t over-adjusted the cable, limiting the levers movement. Remove the cable and work the lever with your hand or a vice-grip. If the piston does not respond to lever movement, then new calipers may be needed to restore the parking brake function…

The pads themselves should have little buttons on them to prevent the piston from rotating when the parking brake is applied…Those protrusions fit into the slot in the piston…


how do you restore the parking brake function?


on mazda pistons they adjust by unscrewing them


I found out the problem. The drivers side brake piston was not adjusting properly. Un screwed the piston a bit more, and everything is fine. I will keep an eye on that side as it may be faulty.
Thanks to all!