Brakes suddenly stopped working

Replaced my OEM sway bar links about a year ago, same rust problem.

Found that a Dremel tool with a reinforced cutoff wheel cut like butter and was small enough to get into tight spaces. Only regret is that I didn’t think to replace the sway bar bushings while I was in there.

An angle grinder with a cutoff disc worked well. Wouldn’t have fit for the lower mount though without the strut out. At least the new ones you can back the nut up with a 17 mm wrench. The oem were round. Note to diyers.

What dos that look like?

The reinforced disks have fiberglass in them producing a waffle-like pattern. Standard disks have a smoother surface and are very brittle. Eye protection is necessary with either. Image is of a reinforced disk.


Exacty right and and a great Dremel product.
Significantly more expensive on a per unit basis than the standard wheels but they last much longer and working on a vehicle the standard wheels shatter like potato chips. There’s also more expensive “Diamond Coated cutting wheels” (HF) available which are more expensive and completely worthless in this application because the diamonds disappear from the very thin cutting edge almost immediately.