Brakes not working well

My Chevy R-10 has a problem with the brakes. The pedal doesn’t drop or anything, but when you push it down, nothing happens all too much. It stops the car, albeit not well. The brake pads in the front are brand new, but it still doesn’t work well. Anyone know what’s going on?

Time to look at the calipers. Stuck up slides can do that.

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Whoever gave you this truck as a birthday present must not like you much . The brakes on this old thing need to be completely gone through with new fluid , calipers rear drums refinished , new flex lines and rear shoes.

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If the brake pedal is hard to press down, you may have a vacuum supply problem to the brake booster or a bad brake booster.


You haven’t seen the prices being asked for an 87 R/V 10 lately then.
Lowest price I can find for one around here is $18,000 up to $35,000

Where the 88 C 1500’s start at $2,500 and max out around $10,000

Really @It_s_Me ? Where on earth is that ? Then again… I pay no attention to these sort of matters

Perhaps you live in the mountains somewhere. I know in CO any kind of Toyota 4x4 is nearly worth its weight in Gold

Thanks for helping out! One more question, my headlights only work sometimes. When I first got it, no dice. Then, they started to work. Then, they stopped working yet again. Anyone know what’s up?

On an old vehicle… the ground wires are the first things to check. You will need a volt-ohm meter and the understanding of how to use it.

Grounds are the black wires screwed to metal all over the truck. All need to be attached and clean. Including the big black cable on the battery to the frame and engine block. The second thing is the switches and relays. They corrode and burn over time. The third are the very, very old wiring that gets brittle or rubbed through over time and mileage.

Either learn to find and fix these things or find a patient mechanic willing to take the time to find and fix this stuff. Bring cash, lots of cash, time is money.