Brakes Lock 92 Sable SW



I was driving the car and it felt like the parking brake came on. I ended up getting the car towed. We replaced the calibers, rotors, pads, rubber brake line to the caliber. If it sits all night it will work fine for about half a mile then the brakes come on. HELP


Was it only one brake that was hanging up? You said you replaced the rubber brake LINE. I believe there are four lines on your car, one at each wheel. You can tell which brake is hanging up by feeling the wheels. The hottest one is the one with the problem. An infrared laser thermometer is nice too, but you have to have one available.


Sorry bout that, I replaced ALL four rubber brake hoses, one at each. I checked the car this morning. I did notice that the brakes were spongy like I did not bleed them, (which I did) and they felt correct. Well that is until they wouldn’t release. This moring I tried not using the brakes I did have to a few times but it seemed like they were getting tighter on their own and the spongy feeling left the pedal. I got home before they were all hot and smoking but were dragging. The front were hotter then the back.


From the fact that all wheel brakes are engaging, the master cylinder is suspect. The next time this happens be at a place where you can lift one of the wheels. Block one of the other wheels, jack one wheel off the ground, and check for the existence of drag. If drag is present undo the mounting bolts of the master cylinder without disconnecting the brake lines – just allow the cylinder to move forward. If the drag is released, you have a problem in the brake pedal or brake booster. If the drag remains, you have a problem with the master cylinder not uncovering the compensation ports.

Needless to say don’t drive the car with the master cylinder loose.