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Brake Shudder

My chrysler Sebring Lxi (2003)always shudders whenever i attempt to press the brake peddle. I can even feel the brake peddle shaking whenever i press the brakes at whatever speed i am travelling.

Also, there is a smell of some kind of burning material whenever i drive, however short the distance. This smell somehow permeates into the interior of the vehicle.

I can sometimes see smoke rising from the front of the vehicle as i drive. Especially when i stop in traffic. Its not alot of smoke, but enough that you can see it.

What could be the problem, what estimates can i get for fixing it.



The shudder is likely to be one or more brake rotors that have excessive runout. Time for a brake inspection. Dedicated brake shops are usually best (lowest cost, fastest service) for these kind of repairs.

Having visible smoke come from the front end of the vehicle is not something you should ignore for even a minute. Get that checked out immediately. It could be something simple that ends up in a disaster (car fire, loss of control, etc).

The brake shudder is likely caused by warped front brake rotors. Time to have the brakes inspected and replaced. Don’t let them turn the rotors. Install new rotors and pads.

Smoke or steam from under the hood indicates oil or coolant leaking. Have you opened the hood to determine the origin of the smoke? You, or someone, should. This is not something to ignore.