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Brake Rotors

I have a 2007 Toyota Prius that I’m going to replace the front brakes and rotors on. I ordered my parts from my usual company and when I recieved the rotors they were packaged seperatly. Now both rotors are from the same Manufacture, Beck/Arnley, but one rotor is made in China and the other in Brazil. They are the same style each, smooth surface, no slotted or drilled rotors, and they both weigh the same. On the Brazil rotor, around the inner raised surface, where the inside of the rim will set over it, this area has a more textured/rough surface as compared to the China rotor that is completely smooth. My question; should these be used together? Is there a chance of different metals and different qualities or should I call the company and request two from the same origin. Or more importantly, does it even matter?

Sounds like one is machined in that area where the other may not be. It was likely cast and only machined on the area where it meets the pads. It may not make a whole lot of difference but, if it is machined, it usually holds to tighter tolerances just because of it being machined.
Mine could be a Germanically emotional decision but I’d want them both to look the same - and since I know they make one that’s machined, that’s the one I’d want.

I’d want the surfaces to look the same. This can be accomp[lished by having them replaced or by burnishing the surfaces a bit.

Beck-Arnley is a parts company that buys parts from several different people and reboxes the parts in there own boxes, that said I woulod call your parts person and ask them bring in a anouther pair and see if you can match up a pair to your liking.

My preference would be having them identical in all respects as there could be potential problems due to material differences, machine surfaces, etc.
I would advise that no matter what rotors you use that they be thoroughly cleaned before installation as many rotors have a rust preventative chemical on them that may or may not be visible.

The way I read this is that you may have ordered these parts on-line so hopefully an exchange won’t be a problem if that is the case.

Thanks for all the advice. I did go ahead and call the parts company. It’s not Beck/Arnley directly so they will just be sending 1 replacement and which ever one that is will be the pair I use I suppose, hopefully it’s the better machined surface. I’ll be set as long as this replacement isn’t from a 3rd origin like Mexico…

I just want to say that B/A does sell good parts at a good price for imports they do have a lot of hard to find stuff for high end imports like Benz or BMW or Volvo

They sent the right part number and the correct country of origin (Brazil won). However it was the wrong part inside. A 4 stud rotor instead of the 5. A frustrated call to the parts company ( and another replacement is on the way. The third replacement arrives and its the same deal, the right part number but the same 4 stud rotor.

An angered call back to the company ended up getting me all rotors returned and a credit so I could go buy rotors locally due to all the days wasted. I agree with Big Marc that B/A products are great, all my other parts are replaced with them when needed, but B/A caused quite the issue with parts getting in the wrong containers and sending pairs that are from different counties.

Good for you! I was going to suggest that the rotors on the car now are probably much better than the ones you purchased…I’m betting the rotors on your 2007 Prius are quite serviceable, especially since regenerative braking handles most of the braking chores…The brakes on a Prius should last forever…