Brake Replacement

I recently went to a national chain brake/tire store to have my break pads replaced. They told me that they will not change pads without changing my calipers, and resurfacing my rotors. This seemed excessive, so I called my dealership, and they said I may never have to replace a caliper, and the rotors should only be resurfaced as needed. Am I being scammed by this tire store? I have really been happy with them in the past.

Yes, you are being scammed if they want to change your calipers and surface your rotors without even looking at them. If they already looked at them and found your calipers leaking and your rotors gouged, then that’s another story. Why don’t you share the name of this business so we can all keep this in mind if we patronize them?

Every national chain I know of…their mechanics work on commission (along with their sales associates). They replace MILLIONS of perfectly good calipers every year.

Find a good independent. Chances are good the calipers are fine. In the past 5 vehicles with a total of well over 1 million miles I’ve had 4 calipers that were bad.

They may not be scamming you exactly. They may be worried about future litigation if one of those parts failed after doing your brakes.

Pad replacements should include lubing the caliper bushings and flushing the brake fluid. The rest would depend on inspection results.