Brake problem's

It has been many year’s since I have had to do a brake job. The right front caliper is hanging up so I need to replace it + pad’s that are at about 50%. Two question’s. #1 I already have the part’s except the brake fluid. This is the first time I have worked on a anything with rear anti lock brake’s. Is there anything different in the bleeding process as compared to one without rear anti lock brakes. #2 I have a can of DOT 3 fluid but while at the store I noticed DOT4 fluid that I did not know about can that be mixed with the DOT3 that is alrady in the truck? 1990 Ford F150

First off, rear anti-lock is just plain awful.

Second, you can bleed it exactly like a normal brake system

Thirdly DOT 4 can be mixed with DOT 3. If the brake fluid has been IN the truck for a while, buy extra brake fluid and flush the entire system. Basically, bleed it until the nice clean fluid comes out every bleeder. Helps if you can suck the old stuff out of the reservoir before bleeding the fresh stuff through.

  1. Bleed the brakes like you would on a non abs car.There is nothing special about it.
  2. Use the proper brake fluid for your car make and brand.It should be written in your owner manual or on the brake fluid reservoir cap.
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My mechanic bud just ended up lubing the slides, and all has been good for a year, not sure if this is your problem

Watch this video.


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The slides are OK the piston is the problem.

Thank you for the link now I know more than I did a while ago.

I plan on doing it in the morning if it don’t rain I will let you know how it turn’s out. Thank yall for the help.

I have heard the aluminum housing can cause problems for the pistons. It seems to happen mostly on the passenger side for some reason. Maybe in the rust belt heavily salted area?

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It had a little corrosion on it not the rust belt so no heavily salted road’s. I think that if it had been in the rust belt it would not have lasted 29 year’s & who know’s how many thousand’s of mile’s.

Update after too many year’s of not doing brake work every thing went smooth with no problem’s. I found out I would rather bleed air brake’s than hydraulic brake’s. Again I thank everyone for your help.

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