Brake problem

hi guys i have a brake problem i change the front brake pads on my 05 honda odassey didn`t know it have dual caliper as i was pushing 1 side in the other side came out, not out completly but came out then brake fluid start leaking i manage to put it back but my brake pedal goes all the way in any idea how to purge them so the brake pedal can go up and brake ok

the minivan brakes but u have to press the pedal to much.

Please don’t take offense here…

Brakes are important.
If you don’t know how to correctly bleed the air out of the system, get someone who does to do it, and to teach you at the same time.

You need to have the brake system bled to get the brake pedal firmness back.


As long as the seals or piston were not damaged, simply bleeding the brakes should solve the problem. If they were, which is unlikely but possible, you would need to replace that caliper or have it rebuilt. If the caliper seals were damaged, it would continue to leak fluid and you would have to add to it frequently. As said by others on this post, get some help and bleed those brakes. Any decent shop should be able to do it for next to nothing.

Good for you for at least trying to do you own work. But for should probably have done some research before tackling the brakes. Since you now have a vehicle that you probably can’t drive safely to a mechanic, you will either have to have it towed or learn how to bleed air from the brake lines.

If you can’t find a friend who knows how to bleed brakes, I suggest that you get on the internet and use Google or some other search engine to look up “gravity bleeding”. Gravity bleeding is slow and can be messy, but it’s really the only way that one person with minimal tools is going to get your car back into service. I suggest you read several descriptions before you tackle the job. And make sure that you understand everything that you read.

Be warned that bleeder screws are fairly fragile and tend to weld themselves into place over time. It is very easy to shear them off if you try to use force to get them to turn. At that point you will have two problems instead of just one. You don’t need more problems. Apply some PB Blaster or something similar and let things sit for a while.

Hopefully, you need only bleed the line to the caliper you have been working on.