Brake problem

1994 chevy Silverado

My front brakes locked closed on my rotors, both wheels ,have bleeded the brakes?sprayed cleaner on them… taken the caliper off and adjusted… put them back on and they close right back on the rotors?this truck do have the anti-lock system pads are good.


The next time the the brakes lock up, try cracking open the bleeders on the calipers. If brake fluid shoots out of the bleeders, the caliper pistons are still under hydraulic pressure. One area to check for this problem are the flexible brake hoses to the calipers. These hoses can deteriorate internally where a piece of the hose can become detached and act like a check valve. That is, it will allow hydraulic pressure to be applied to the caliper pistons, but won’t allow the hydraulic pressure to be released when the brake pedal is released.


Replace them. It doesn’t cost that much to do it yourself.

The only way I could open the calipers was to open the bleeder screw and the open but press the break pedder they locked again… When I first look at the system the brake fluid in the reservoir was cloudy…like water mixed with it …I change the fluid , bleeded brakes and had ths same problem

what them are you speaking of

Consider the possibility that the cloudy fluid may have been contaminated with petroleum based fluid. This would swell the master cylinder cups causing the compensation port to remain covered. Next time the calipers lockup crack the line at the master cylinder to the front calipers and see if the calipers release. Also consider if there is a problem with the brake booster. When the problem is present, undo the master cylinder mount nuts allowing the master cylinder to move forward. If the calipers release, you can suspect the boost push rod adjustment, the booster itself, or the pedal linkage.