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Brake Pade

We were told by a brake shop that we needed all 4 brake pads replaced because the pad was pulling away from the backing plate is this likely.

If this is true then you do need 4 new pads. Is it likely? I have never seen it happen.

It happens, but its not an everyday thing. Of course, you might get a better idea is you told people what kind of vehicle it is (year/make/model), how many miles are on it, how old the brakes are, perhaps what is known about past brake work.

I’m not sure why you’re asking here. If you’re skeptical about what the shop is saying ask them to show you.

year?, make?, model?, miles?
do you mean the brakes on all 4 wheels (8 brake pads)
Or just the front or back? (2 wheels - 4 brake pads)

A set of brake pads (one axle, 4 pads) costs from between $20 to $60 depending on various factors…On most vehicles they can be changed in 15 or 20 minutes.

More details would be helpful…

Only a very poor quality pad or pads that have been soaked and left to rust for quite some time would separate. Such a condition is very dangerous if it is true. When disc brakes first became common on domestic automobiles I only used riveted pads because they were fail safe but the improved adhesives have seemed to eliminate the rivets and even eliminate the drill outs in backing plates. I would be very interested in knowing the brand and source of the pads if they truly are separating.

Bonded pads, subjected to severe overheating, can and will separate…But then you have more to worry about than just the pads…

Possible with cut rate Chinese parts. Normal quality it is very unlikely. Ask to SEE where and how they are “pulling away”.