Brake pad backing plate

Took off rotor for my equinox to inspect abs cable last week. Changed control arm yesterday and noticed the brake pad had 2 pad shims/backing plates on 1 pad and 1 of them had slid forward and was rubbing on rotor hat. Uh, there is only supposed to be 1 shim per pad?

Depends on the brake pad manufacturer. Rare to have 2 but possible.

I thought you were just changing the bushing . . . ?!

Many brands have 2 shims per pad . . . not uncommon at all. I see it all the time

Bushing was $22 and arm was $30 with all new bushings and ball joint

I take it you bought a brand that had no/low name recognition . . .

There’s now way you’re buying a top of the line Moog arm for $30 . . . not even Moog’s budget line

no offense, but $30 for a complete arm with bushings and ball joints doesn’t seem to scream high quality, top of the line, cream of the crop, or anything along those lines

All I’m saying is this . . . I wouldn’t be comfortable doing this

I’m NOT looking down on you