Brake Light bulbs


So I have this '89 Taurus GLS, and the warning light on the dash just came on, telling me there’s a problem with the brakes. After checking the lights, I discovered that one of the two bulbs in the center mounted brake light in the rear window was burned out (or appeared to be). The glass is all black and it doesn’t light up.

My problem is that, upon buying new bulbs (C912) and replacing them, that same socket made the bulb start to “fog up” and the glass on that bulb is really murky now. And it still isn’t lighting up, and the warning light on my dash is still on.

I’m sure it’s an electrical problem, I just don’t know where to start. Any suggestions?


I think you got a defective bulb. It happens once in a while. Try a new bulb.


I’ll try the bulb in the other socket to see if it works.


Also, compare the (original) old bulb to the new one to make sure it’s correct.


I’m not sure the brake warning light has anything to do with the brake light bulbs. Make sure you’ve got enough brake fluid, etc. Also, verify that the emergency/parking brake switch isn’t bad or misadjusted.

Now, as to the center brake light. What do you mean the socket is making the bulb fog up? Old bulbs that have gone bad often get a whitish fog on the glass. Are you seeing this on the new bulb? If so, the new bulb is bad. There is no way the socket would cause that, only a minute crack in the bulb itself would be causing it. I suppose the socket could be cracking the bulb in some way.


Yeah I had the guys at auto zone compare the new and old bulbs. I bought them in a pack of two, and one of them works. There are two sockets in the fixture, though, and the one on the left doesn’t seem to be working. I’m going to take my lunch here in a few minutes and go see if switching them gives me any luck. That way I can tell whether it’s the bulb or if it’s a wiring problem.


Is the warning light that came on the light that warns you of a problem with the brakes, or is it the light that warns you that a bulb is burned out in one of the exterior lights? I had this latter warning light on a 2000 Ford Windstar that I used to own.


There’s only one warning light for the brakes ><


Thanks. That helps. I went and swapped bulbs and, using the one that works, I confirmed that it was just a faulty bulb. Both of the sockets are fine.

As for the warning light, I checked the emergency brake like you said. I pushed down on it and then released it and the light went off just like that.