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Brake Light and Turn Signal

Hi, I drive a 2007 Chevy Silverado Crew Cab Classic Body Style 4.8L engine and 2wd. Great truck and easy to work on except for the right rear tail light. There’s 3 lights stacked vertically on each side of the truck and on the right rear side, the top lightbulb is dimmer than the left, wont get brighter when the brakes are applied, and the bottom light won’t even turn on even after I replaced the bulb. This seems to effect the right turn signal too because it doesn’t work at all. I joined the Coast Guard and moved from TX to Miami where they have some of the worst drivers so the turn signal is especially important. I guess I could take it into a mechanic but I’ve replaced lights before…I just can’t figure out where the problem is here. I’m experienced working on mechanical stuff but this electrical stuff isn’t as easy to figure out. Thanks!

You have three lights on each side. Each light may be a parking light (on any time the headlamps are on, a brake light (on when the brake is depressed) or a turn signal. One or more may be combo lights that function at two light levels. These dual filament lamps can short out so they fail to operate normally. You might want to replace any dual filament lamps, just to be sure.

I would also consider the possibility of a poor or no ground connection.

Good Luck.

Joseph, thanks for the advice…I will try replacing the top light (brake light) because that’s the one that should get brighter when depressing the brake pedal, it stays on dim the rest of the time the headlights are on. I just can’t figure out why that one light would cause the turn signal to not work at all on that side. I’ll let you know how it works out.