Brake freeplay for new brakes in 2001 toyota corolla

About 300 miles ago, I got my front and rear brake pads replaced and the rotors resurfaced in my 2001 toyota corolla at the dealership. When I press the brake pedal, it must go down 1/2-2/3 of the way before there is any response. Today they susposedly bled the brake fluid, but there is no change. Should I ask them to do something else. I would expect new brakes to have a fast response upon pressing the pedal. Instead I still have to press the pedal quite hard to get a response and for the car to stop.

There could still be air in the system. If it is not done correctly, they’ll never get the air out.

I’d be off to an idependent mechanic for a second look. Brakes are too important to not be functioning properly. Explain the situation to him and let him take a look.

I’m sure someone else will say this too, but your car is well out of warranty and there’s no longer any reason to be going to the dealer for basic maintenance work. They often charge more for the same work you can have done at an independent mechanic. Avoid the chains and especially the quick lubes, and you’ll be in good shape.

Could be that they didn’t grease the caliper bushings and the calipers are sticking. Do you have rear disc brakes? Most Corollas have drums on the rear. If your not sure, pull the parking brake handle up about a dozen times then see if the brakes work better.

The rear brakes are drum brakes. They have an automatic adjuster that takes up extra clearance due to wear. This automatic adjuster is operated by the parking brake. If the parking brake has not been used enough or the automatic adjusting mechanism is jammed there will be too much travel in the rear brakes. If operating the parking brake handle up and down a dozen times does not solve the problem, you may need a mechanic to look at the adjuster mechanism and/or adjust the shoe spreaders to specification.

Hope that is what it is.