Brake fluid

I accidently put a quarter & half of brake fluid in my gas tank which had 8 gallons of fresh gas in the tank…will this cause damage to my car…will the gas dissolve the oil…can someone pls help me out!!

Here is a link to a disussion on the same subject. How much is a “quarter and a half of fluid”, 3/4 of a bottle, 3/4 of a quart or 1 1/2 quarts of brake fluid?

If it was 3/4 of a bottle (~12 oz), I would fill up the tank and not worry about it. If it was a quart and a half (48 oz), I would worry about it.

Ed B.

Major edit - just go by the last discussion.

Thanks for takin the time to answer my ?..really appreciate it! I will fill it up…would u suggest puttin sum feul injector clean n it too…do u think i should put sum feul injection cleaner in the tank…