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Brake Fluid

What’s the scoop on brake fluid? If my manual says use only Genuine Factory Honda Brake Fluid only, what’s the big deal with just using NAPA brand or something?

Honda wants to sell you brake fluid, that’s all, and they want you to bring your car to the dealership for service so the dealer makes money. Honda’s brake fluid is more expensive than the parts store brands, but no different. I use generic brake fluid in my Honda. It’s like motor oil, it’s all the same.

I do recommend you use Honda automatic transmission fluid, however, if your car is automatic.

And if you’re driving a CRV, make sure you follow the recommendation for rear differential oil replacement. Honda-only lubricant for this application, too.

Re-Read the manual. I believe it will say something like “Use only Genuine Factory Honda Brake Fluid. But if none is available then use Dot-xxx”. The owners manual of every vehicle I’ve owned since the 80’s said something like that. If it is a Honda specific fluid, there’s still a good chance someone makes a aftermarket fluid. Honda steering wheel fluid use to be exclusively Honda, but Preston now makes one.

Since you asked about brake fluid let me put in my 2 cents worth. Flush the brake lines with new fluid when recommended. Brake fluid is hygroscopic which means it absorbs water and water in steel lines means rust. Rust over time means a future brake line failure. It Happens!!!