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Brake fluid level

Does colder weather affect brake fluid levels?

Mines down <1/8 In. from full level

No, but as your brake pads wear down your brake fluid will drop.

You’re still a long way away from the Minimum level, right?

I agree. Cold weather does, however, reduce tire inflation pressure. Check your tires and make sure they are properly inflated.

Level is < 1/8 in. from full.



I went out today on some errands, and when i got back home i checked the fluid level , and it was back at the “full” level. So i guess i answered my own question.

Pump the brakes a couple times (engine off). Does the level drop just a little bit, maybe that’s your 1/8" difference.

If your discs are a little bit warped, it could push the brake piston in a little bit, raising the fluid level in the reservoir.

I just doubt that temperature is a factor, unless it reaches a boiling point.

You sure there’s no air in the system? This could also be a factor.

It does contract when chilled, and expand when hot, just as all matter does, but it should not be significant. 1/8" from full is perfectly acceptable. If it DOES get near the LOW mark, you need to get your brakes checked.

And now, without further ado, I tip my hat to you for monitoring your fluids.