Brake Fluid Exchange



1999 Integra 57k miles.

I checked my manual for Brake fluid - it says 45k miles or 3 yrs (whichever comes first).

I did Brake service in 2004 at Sears - so it is 3 yrs buy it has only done 12k. I seems to be doing 5k/ yr.

How frequently should I change the Brake Fluid?



[b]The owners manual just told you. Either by mileage or time.

Brake fluid absorbs moisture from the air. And this moisture in the brake fluid can cause brake fade under heavy usage of the brakes. So, you"ve met one of the criteria specified in the owners manual for a brake fluid change. And that’s by time.



You seem to imply that the Sears “brake service” included flushing the brake fluid. I doubt that it did unless they specifically mentioned it. So, the chances are you’re going on 8 or 9 years with the same brake fluid. (On the other hand, other car manufacturers don’t include flushing the brake fluid on their maintenance list at any interval.)


You answered your own question: “45k miles or 3 yrs (whichever comes first).” In your case the three years came first.


I have a friend who is quite the brake expert. He even does training videos for mechanics and hotrodders on how to build systems from scratch.

He says that if everyone changed their brake fluid every 3 years or so, they would save a lot of money on brake system repairs. This is especially true on the newer systems with ABS, which has some very expensive components that can be damaged by dirty brake fluid.

But I’m willing to bet the Sears service didn’t include a flush of any type at all.