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BRAKE FLUID - Drain & Change, or FLUSH and Change?

Just when I thought I had vehicle maintenance intervals and service all figured out, I take my 2002 Ford F-250 (65,000 miles) to the dealer yesterday for routine oil/filter, etc. He says my brake fluid is “too dark” due to an accumulation of copper ions and I need to have the brake fluid “flushed” and replaced for $124. I know from the Posted Discussions that replacing brake fluid is a good thing, even though the Ford Manual calls for no brake fluid change. Is the proper way to do change fluid a “flush” or just a drain? I didn’t have it done, but I can always go back. Thanks for any help with this.

AFAIK, “flushing” of the brake fluid is just draining the old out while putting new in. Once clean fluid comes out of each bleeder, you’re done.

start from the brake that is fares from the master brake

Actually it’s moisture that makes brake fluid dark.
The term “flush” has negative connotations, but it pretty well fits for the way brake fluid is changed.
First the reservoir is emptied and refilled with new fluid.
Then fluid is drawn or pumped out at each wheel until new fluid comes out.