Brake Drum Removal - Disengage Adjusting Lever

99 Ford Taurus - I need to pull the rear drum off. I tried to turn the shoe adjuster, but it won’t spin. The manual says to disengage the adjusting lever with a screwdriver. How do I do this? I know where the adjusting lever is, but do I push it away from the shoe adjuster? Do I spin it down? I have never had to do this, but the shoe adjuster screw won’t budge.



Take a small screwdriver and push the adjuster plate away from the star wheel. Now take a drum brake adjuster tool and back off the star wheel. If don’t understand this, it’s probably better to take it to someone who does.


do I push it away from the shoe adjuster? YES Do I spin it down? YES

Thanks to all. I’ve done countless brake jobs, just never had a screw not loosen the first time. I’ve never pushed the adjusting lever before.