Brake bleed

Replaced calibers and tried to bleed the brakes. I can’t get any pressure at the pedal. I’m guessing there is air in the ABS pump and it’s not turning on. Bought a Foxwell NT630 plus scanner to do a auto bleed. It comes up that DTC’s are present and they need to be repaired. All i did was replace caliber’s. what has to be repaired to get the scanner to auto bleed the pump.

Did you bench bleed the calipers? If you didn’t, it’ll take a long time before there’s enough fluid in the calipers to give you any pedal pressure.

Meanwhile, it’s not unlikely that you trashed your master cylinder by pushing the brake pedal down too far when you were expecting pressure and got none, so be prepared to replace that in the future.

Did you mount the calipers on the correct side. The brake bleeder should be on the high side.


So what are the DTC’s? Post them here and maybe we can help.

Tried bleeding the calibers, But could get the pedal off the floor. No pressure in the system. Even did a gravity bleed. no change. Checked for leaks and didn’t see any. The pedal wont come off the floor. Only thing i can think of is that there is air in the ABS module. Tried to do a auto bleed and it come up with Dtc’s present. Have no idea what that is. And haven’t figured out how to get the scanner to tell me. I’m old school. this Computer crap is for the birds. I’m pull a motor, put one in, three wire’s and it’s running.

The DTCs could be getting thrown because it doesn’t have any pressure, and it might not have any pressure because you did not bench bleed the calipers.

Note, there is a difference between bleeding the calipers on the car using the brake pedal, and bench bleeding which is literally bleeding them off the car, on the workbench before you install them.

If you don’t bench bleed them and install them, you should either vacuum or gravity bleed them so they can get filled up without causing issues upstream. Make sure to keep the master topped off while you do.

IF the brake pedal is down and won’t come back… you’ll never be able to bleed it. The master has probably just failed because you stroked it all the way and it has crud in the bore.

I gravity bleed all 4 wheel.

Pedal come back up.

I gravity bled all 4 wheels

Bench bleed the calipers??? Never heard of it.

@John-1064. I’d check that the calipers are on the correct side. Also that you got the correct calipers. I once got two passenger side calipers because one was in the wrong box. When the calipers are mounted, the bleed screw should be higher than the line in. Also check for leaks.

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Yeah, you’re right. Wrong term.