Bought a BRAND NEW truck with an oil leak

Hi All,

Need some advice, my brand new Chevy Silverado sprung a major oil leak within two hours of ownership. I was on the highway, the engine light came on, got to a gas station. The bottom of the car was sprayed in oil and the stick was dry. They towed the truck back to the dealer, dealer fixed it saying there was a pin hole in the oil filter and as far as they were concerned nothing is wrong with the truck or engine. They stated there were 4 quarts of oil left in the pan. However, how can they say with any certainty that no damage was done to a brand new vehicle driven with less than an adequate amount of oil? The stick was dry for goodness sake. They are giving me the run around and so is Chevy for that matter about giving the truck back/exchanging for a new one. I just paid 40,000 bucks. All Chevy is saying is “good thing you got the warranty.”

Thoughts? Is there any way to know the engine hasn’t been compromised?

Three things;

If they are correct (and it is entirely possible with a deep pan that perhaps holds 7 quarts) that there was ~4 quarts left, then it had an adequate amount of oil for that period of operation/conditions.

The fact the light illuminated but you continued to drive it (to a gas station) means you own some of the responsibility for any damage that may have ensued.

If there were really 4 quarts left, why did the engine light illuminate? Did they give you a summary with the codes that were stored? This would be very telling and critical evidence IMHO…

The check engine light or the oil pressure light? If it was the oil pressure light I’d be very concerned. If it was the check engine light there’s probably no harm done.

The OP needs to clarify a couple of issues:
Does “engine light” refer to the Check Engine light, or to the low oil pressure warning light, or to a low oil level warning light?
How far did you drive after that light lit up on your instrument panel?

Sorry. To clarify the low oil light came on and I was at a gas station within a mile or so. I had driven the truck to work and was going home. I had driven the truck roughly 100 miles from the dealership to the point the truck was towed. Thank you all for your input.

New truck warranty payed to fix it today and THAT is documentation for any future problems under warranty.

OK - As long as it was the low oil light and not the oil pressure light you should be OK.

I Can Most Certainly Understand Your Concern, Frustration, And Dissatisfaction.
What Does The Owner’s Manual Specify For Oil Capacity?

My GM Cars Have Oil Pressure Indicators And Low Oil Level Indicators.
I’m guessing a $40,000.00 Truck Has Both, Also (See Owner’s Manual). Is That Correct?

Low oil indication is usually designed to alert at about one quart low. I’ve never experienced that. No harm is being done in this situation.

No damage at all. Keep driving and hope your next oil filter is good.

This is definitely an irritating situation but it is now on record. I would now have all service done at the dealer until the driveline warranty expires just for the record keeping. Also check the oil weekly for a couple of months and on a regular basis after that. I doubt any damage was done but I would be concerned also. I get oil changes at the dealer where we bought the car and get coffee , donuts and a car wash for very little more than the quick change places.