Both high beams burn out at same time

This morning after meeting a car on the road, I put my headlights back on high beam and both of them went off. Low beams still work and tail lights and marker lights work when on high or low. Anyone ever heard of both high beams burning out at one time?

Either a short or a bad dimmer switch. Check your fuse/relay.

It’s possible that one was already out and you didn’t realize it until the second went out too. I’d try new bulbs first.

So did you change out the bulbs and now they work?

I find it’s not uncommon for two bulbs to burn out in a very close interval, especially in a newer car-- they’re two identical parts that get an identical amount of use. This is why the headlight company says you should change them in pairs, although they really just say that to boost sales. Mountainbike’s probably right that one went out first, even if it was maybe only a few hours earlier.