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Bosch Universal O2 Sensor

Wiring a Bosch 02 sensor in a 99 Nissan Altima. Original sensor was a 3 wire, the Bosch is a 4 wire, I have Black to Black, Gray to Gray and 1 white wire to white. My question is should I splice the 2 white wires on the Bosch together and connect them to the 1 white on the harness?

Are you sure you’ve got the right O2 sensor? The O2 sensor before the cat is a three wire sensor. The O2 sensor after the cat is a four wire sensor.


According to NAPA this is the correct one, I tried tonight splicing the 2 whites together and connecting them to the white on the harness. Car runs fine, no skips, no slughishness. I guess I will stop by NAPA and have then reset the “Check Engine Light” then see if it kicks a code back at me.

Doesn’t sound like you have the right sensor to me. When I had a new exhaust system put on my 98 Pathfinder the guy accidentally destroyed one of the O2 sensors. He actually tried to use a Bosch sensor, but it didn’t work right…He then replaced it with one from NGK…worked fine.