Bonneville Throttle response

I recently replaced my “wonderful” plastic intake manifold on my Bonnie. It now seems as if it won’t run right. It starts at about 1500 rpm to warm up, but won’t idle down until I tap the accerlerator. Also, when it is warm, I will tap the accelerator and it seems as if there is a “dead” spot or a “lag” in response on my throttle. If I do it slowly, no problem but if I “tap” the accelerator…there’s is lag.

Did you double check the throttle linkage to make sure that it all got hooked back up right and nothing is binding or routed incorrectly?

Everything there is fine. I have concerns it may be the MAF sensor, but I don’t have a computer to watch the engine management system.

Have you checked the throttle position sensor to make sure it’s connected and aligned properly? How about reading computer codes?

TPS has been checked and rechecked. There are no codes, but I know something is not quite right.