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Bolt Torque Specifications

I have a 1973 Toyota Landcruiser which I am replacing the water pump and thermostat. I do not have a manual for the vehicle. Toyota says that they no longer have any manuals for this vehichle. Does anybody know how much torque I should use for the water pump bolts and the thermostat housing bolts?

Use Hi-Tack sealant on the gaskets. coat both sides of the gasket, as well as both surfaces to be mated. Then tourque the bolts down tight, but not so much the heads snap off or the threads strip out. It is a matter of the correct feel. If you have not done much bolt turning it may leave you anxious, but as long as the surfaces are mated and the bolts are snugged down there should be no danger of leaks. These are not head bolts or bearing cap bolts that require a specific (and high) torque, so just play it by feel.

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