Bolt Sequence And Torque On Heads, Intake Manifold And Valve Covers

I have a 2001 Dodge Ram V8 5.9 Magnum. I need to know the bolt sequence and torque on the heads, the intake manifold, and the valve covers. If you can help, thank you.

Either buy a manual at the parts store or check one out of the library.

Pretty much all sequences are to start in the middle in a H pattern working your way out to a BIGGER H until you’re done.

As for the torque…need to check a service manual. Valve covers…unless they’re cast - the torque isn’t that critical. Just make them snug/tight.

You really need a manual for this. I wouldn’t take anyone’s word for something so critical.

Here’s the specs.


Would those be stretch bolts that he should buy new bolts?

I agree with waterboy. Replace the head bolts as a precaution. Any bolt that requires a final torque angle is a torque-to-yield bolt. Even with the quasi-instructions to check for stretching, $50-60 buck for new bolts is just piece of mind.