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Boiling coolant


I have 90 honda civic ex automatic 2 door.

Recently, I noticed that coolant has been disappearing little by little. Then, yesterday, I noticed that the temperature gage indicated high.

This is what I can say.

1. Coolant in the coolant reservior is boiling. Sealant on the top is broken, so coolant is comming out of reservior and drops on the grand when it’s boiling.

2. When I touch the black tube that goes into radiator, it’s hot, but not very hot. Although engine is not very hot.

3. fan is not turning

What could be the problem and How do I fix it?

Thanks in advance.

Sorry… It’s 98 honda civic.

buy a new radiator cap.

wentwest is correct, sealing the cooling system raises the boiling point and if the cap is defective coolant boils away early.

just curious.

does the cooling fan come on at all?

does the engine warning light come on?

you mention it is a '98.

have you had the waterpump/ timing belt replaced?

If the upper radiator hose is not very hot to the touch and the coolant level is up then you should consider the possibility of a bad thermostat.

Just my opinion, but I consider thermostats a maintenance item that should be replaced ever so often whether they’re bad or not.
The way I look at it is that they’re cheap insurance because many an engine has been damaged or destroyed due to a 5 dollar item.