Bogged Engine at take off on 2002 Audi a6 Quattro 2.7t


Hello I have a 2002 Audi a6 Quattro 2.7t. Recently my fiancée filled up my gas tank and when he did this he continued to pump fuel into the tank even though the automatic shut off trigger had released. In doing so he said he filled it to the point that it was just about to spill out. The first 1/8 of a tank the car drove like normal. Then all of a sudden i very very briefly could smell an odor of rotten eggs. The following morning my car had loss of power to the point that i parked it. My fiancée was reading about how to fill the tank properly and when he did he went ahead and released the gas cap and at that point he said he heard a bubbling noise come from the tank. My car is drivable now but not up to par. It slightly sputters (bogged) at take off still. Can you possibly tell me what else it could be ? Thank You!

Tell your fiance never to fill the tank after the pump shuts off the first time. By overfilling he pumped raw gas into the evaporative emissions system. Now the charcoal canister is full of raw gas and it’s messing up the fuel/air mixture in the engine intake, which is why it’s sputtering.

Continue driving until tank is down around 1/4 full before refilling, and do not “top off” the tank again like your fiance did. Hopefully the raw gas in the charcoal canister will evaporate with time and the sputtering will stop.

If it does not stop by the time you need a other tank of gas, you may have to have the charcoal canister replaced.

Meanwhile, decide on appropriate punishment for fiance.

Thank you so much! I pray it works!!!