BODYCAM® Requirement For Auto Mechanics?

I hope you caught the news tonight with the guy beating up that bus driver for apparently no reason at all. Maybe the streets aren’t filled with them but there certainly are a few monsters out there. It’s going to take some effort from both sides though-a little more tolerance from the police and a little more respect for authority and not making excuses. Still haven’t figured out why that lady from Australia was shot though.

Same reason Castile was shot - the cops are terrified of the public and have been trained to have a shoot first, think later mentality.

No one’s arguing that there aren’t bad actors out there, but I would definitely argue that killing scores of people who aren’t dangerous isn’t the answer.

Even back in driver’s ed, which was a long time ago for me, they taught us that if we were pulled over to be real slow in our movements, keep our hands visible, etc, or we might get shot. Personally, I do not feel that we should have to treat a cop like we would a grizzly bear, hoping against hope that we won’t set off whatever reactionary instinct will make them kill you for no good reason.

We need to stop teaching cops that everyone they encounter is a potential cop killer. Yes, not being on a hair trigger to kill someone might mean a cop will get shot at. That’s, frankly, part of the job. They signed up to be cops. They knew they might get shot at when they signed up to be cops. I’m all for them wearing body armor, learning officer safety procedures that keeps them out of the line of fire as much as possible, etc, but I cannot support the idea that they should be able to shoot people with impunity simply because they’re afraid of every traffic stop. If that’s too much for them to handle, then they should turn in their badge and find a different career.

The innocent people they are murdering did not sign up to be shot by a cop.


That reminds me of the mess I got myself into @db4690. Late one afternoon when all the help had left and the doors were mostly closed I used a support to help me get under the dash of an old T-Bird and when I finished the wiring repair I couldn’t get out from under the dash. I was there until a customer who needed his car happened by and saw that the shop light was on and shining under a not quite closed shop door. When he went in the front office door the shop alarm sounded and I honked the T-Bird’s horn. If he hadn’t come along I can’t imagine how long I might have been stuck under there as I often worked late and my wife wouldn’t have been worried for several hours.

These things are great but they can get you stuck

Shadow, you’re engaging in a personal rant against cops. Might you be willing to come back on track? Body cams for mechanics, remember?


Agreed. @shadowfax, I agree with a lot of what you’re saying, but it’s off topic and mostly your unsubstantiated opinion. Let’s try to keep it car-related.


While it’s not unsubstantiated (in my past career I covered cops a lot) I do agree that Bing and I have taken the discussion off track. I’ll stop.

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Hands up, fingers spread could have saved several lives over the last few years. Placing a cellphone on the ground prior to assuming that position should work. Trying to shove cellphone in a back pocket would be a terribly poor choice.

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Sure, blame me for taking it off track. I’m not saying I never go off track, but usually I’m not the first one to make highly charged statements that require a response. Good article in the paper today about how the culture has changed to not allow diverse opinions anymore and seems to be reflected here. I also usually don’t stoop to name calling when I have nothing else to support what I’m saying.

So Comrade Bing signing off for a few minutes from his narrow little view and troll duties. Gotta work on the garage some and the snow blower. Another big storm coming in.

Thanks for posting that link

I’ve never seen one of those before . . . never even heard anybody talk about one

I’ll have to look into it some more


I still have mine. It’s the wooden Lisle that’s listed for $97. I doubt if it cost $20 40 years ago. Get one and do anything else you can to save your back. Some mornings I wake up and wonder if I can make it out of the bed without help. Everyone I know who’s had back surgery regrets it so I’ve done everything else that seemed to work and found some relief. Both my grandfathers seemed to have worked harder than I ever did and lived to be nearly 90 without much complaining so maybe I’m just a wimp.

Even though I’ve got scoliosis . . . ironically enough, it’s not my back that’s worrying me lately

As for back surgery regrets, I’ve heard those same stories multiple times

One of our fleet’s trainers said he had back surgery, expecting relief. Now he complains it’s worse than ever

A coworker noticed me limping along and asked a few questions. I basically said thanks for asking, but I’m fine, and I’m still able to do my job. I get more work done than many others who whine all day long

We were told we’re not supposed to use those back braces, because that implies we’re not able to perform our duties. I have my doubts, as to whether it is expressly forbidden, but I actually don’t need one. But I have been using these kneeling pads


And I’ve been using ear protection for several years now. Even though I’ve already got tinnitus, I want to at least try to protect what I’ve got left. My only regret is that for several years of my career, I was too dumb to use ear protection on a regular basis.

I’m really going to look into those under the dash creepers over the weekend

I’ve had 2 low back surgeries and one neck surgery. I don’t regret any of them and I’ve been far better off with those surgeries than without. The 2 low back surgeries were 30 odd years ago.

Sometimes there’s a point when one says enough; start cutting.

Oh yah! I remember that! I said “Hi!” to my snow blower in the garage when I flew north a couple weeks ago. It was resting so comfortably. Then I got the heck out of there ahead of bad weather.

I am now officially in ENDLESS SUMMER mode from here on out! Absolutely the smartest thing I ever did. 67 degrees at sun rise, heading for 85 today. Swam in the ocean yesterday on Holmes Beach and came home and went to the pool & spa to rinse off. Today is golf. Haven’t seen one snow blower.
CSA :palm_tree: :sunglasses::palm_tree:

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Is the issue that your locus of control resides outside of your personal being? I never figured you for someone who would dodge personal responsibility for his own actions.

To be clear, no comment requires a response. We adults can choose not to respond whenever we want.

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I was once told by a supervisor at a cleaning contractor that they don’t encourage back braces because she read they create a false sense of security. I wore mine anyway, and I still do when I’m doing yard work and my back is sore.

I wouldn’t let some silly statement like the one you mentioned or the one I just mentioned influence how I take care of my body though.

I have several relatives who are cops at many different levels. Some are street cops in NYC and upstate NY…One is a NY State Trooper and even one who’s and FBI agent. With well over 100 years of combined experience only ONE of them ever pulled their gun. And none of them ever shot their weapon outside of the range.

There are just some cops who are too scared to be cops. The 12yo who got shot at a playground while playing with a toy gun. The cop shot this kid within a few seconds of getting out of his car. We need to get rid of cops like that. They are so scared that the only thing they can think of is shoot.

I would never try this…These kids were either nuts or stupid…but it does prove a point.

You, Sir, are one nasty person. You really know how to rub it in. I’m so disgusted by You.

I hope You’ll have a really good life where You are and enjoy all the good weather and the golf courses :grinning:

And hopefully some good food also.

Sorry. I know. Right. I keep telling myself that I have to stop, but…
My wife and I feel like we are in paradise!
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And hopefully that feeling is going to stay with you. You naughty boy. :sweat_smile:

Migrating snow birds have it made, the best of Florida winters and the best of northern summers. That’s how I plan to spend my retirement when the time comes.