Body work and other repairs before trade-in

Hi all,

I’m trying to figure out if it is worth it to get some minor(?) work done on my car before I trade it in. The body work that needs to happen is on the front bumper. For some reason the paint or top coat has started to peel off the bumper right there. It is going to be over $1000 to get it looking somewhat normal. The other work is for a fuel pressure sensor replacement and that is looking to be about $300. Thoughts?


I do not know what year your car is, but trade in will not get your money back if you do repairs, imhop

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Dealers use sublet companies that perform paint and bumper repairs, that bumper repaint would probably cost the dealer $200.


If the check engine light is on, it’s probably worthwhile to do the sensor repair. I would advise against getting the bumper repainted.

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