Body work after a couple of dings

Are you sure the bumper fascia is the only bumper damage? In any case, the whole new bumper has to be painted to match your car. As for the front fender, the entire fender needs to be painted to match the rest of the car after pulling the dent. Don’t underestimate the cost. I would also let your insurer take care of it.

This 8 year old vehicle may be in great condition , dependable and the owners may not have any reason to replace it now or let it look like they don’t care. I have a 9 year old vehicle that looks real close to new condition and there is no way I would do a junk repair if it is damaged.

All valid points you raise. It seems like with the bumper we’re most likely dealing with less than 2000 worth of damage that could +/- be handled person to person. However, my take on this is different because 1- I have never been burned, 2- I have been the offending party before and was glad the other motorist let me pay out of pocket. Have any posters on here been burned before for damage handled person to person after a minor accident?

The person who left that fake note is no stranger to jerk moves. Stuff like that would result in license suspension if I ruled the world.

Isn’t that rust in the second picture?

  Yes, I said "maybe"... just an option. My last car was 13 and in

excellent condition, but the rear bumper had been slammed 3
different times on the freeway. The bumper skin was scratched but
not broken, so I simply polished up the bruise and kept going. If
it’s minor cosmetic damage, I prefer to never paint a plastic

I don’t know current laws on private property, but if it happened
to a car parked on the street, I believe that’s hit and run.