BMW X3 Tire Blow Out -- Sensors light -up ..odometer died


Any help will be appreciated,

A few days ago, my BMW X# had a tire blowout on the highway. I had to drive about 200 yards before I could pull up to the side and replace the tire. I alos almost immediately bought a new tire.

Needless to say, as soon as the blowout happened, the dashboard lit up with the - ABS, 4x4 and flat tire sensors. However, the puzzling thing is that the odometer stopped to work. The shop which sold me the new tire was not able to reset any of the sensors. The manual is not of much help either.

I am looking for clues before before I head to the dealer and am asked to give up my first born.

Clueless in Silicon Valley


The light may be on because the wheels were turning at drastically different speeds,read the code re-set the light (if applicable) drive see if it stays out.

Don’t see how you will get out of a code reading.


Try this - Turn the key to the Run position (all lights in dash lit up) and leave it for 90 seconds without starting car. That works for resetting some warning lights, not sure about these.

I have no idea why the odometer stopped working. That may be a bigger problem.