Bmw wont start-formerly battery drain

I charged and then tested the battery and the alternator according to Tester’s instructions and it checked out just fine. Before I charged it I heard a fast clicking when I tried to start it. Now I hear more like a slow grunt?? Helllllp!

Did you mention mileage in your previous post? Do a amperage draw test on your stsrter,you are getting into starter replacement range.

Some interesting features of your 3.0 V-8 almost all of these engines had a defective engine block. Fixing this problem was the “most” in everyway in BMW’s history. Google “nikaseal engine”

I just had the 120k service. How do I do an amperage test? I do have a multimeter with amperage capabilities. I usually work on houses, not cars. I really appreciate your help. I will check the web site too. thanks.

You will need a 0-400 amp gague,not really normal stuff to have around. You can get a idea of the amp draw by monitoring the battery voltage while cranking,like to see it stay around 11v min.

If the car runs its off to AutoZone for a starting/charging system test.Like to see the draw about 125 with about a 200 inital surge. Have you done a parasitic draw test? (a parasitic draw will not keep a fully charged battery from operating the starter nominally).

The web reading is just interesting,the sympton of the block defect is low compression. Pretty low mileage,have you checked you engine grounds? I think they are near the engine mount pedestal (heavy brown cable)