Bmw jerky downshifting automatic

Hey guys I have a 2016 BMW 435i GC and I’ve been having this issue for months now. Whenever the car is rolling to a stop or I brake approaching a red light the car hesitates and the rpms flick up to 1500-2000. This happens between 5-30 mph. In sport mode the rpms spike higher around 2000-2200. Car is perfect on highway but as soon as I’m coming to a stop sign or red light i get this surge. The rpms would spike up 2-3 times until i make a full stop. I thought it was a vacuum leak but I got a smoke test and everything looked good. I’ve read a lot of other discussions that had similar symptoms but there has not been a clear answer on how to fix this. I tired resetting the adaptive throttle response but that didn’t help. If anyone knows what is causing this issue please let me know

Sounds like hard downshifting to me. Last time you changed transmission fluid? How many miles on the car?

Car has 56000 miles I’m not the first owner so idk when the last time the transmission fluid was changed. Got the car at 50000 miles. Imma change the transmission fluid tomorrow and get back to you.

Before you get a trans fluid change Check the gearbox software is up to date through a Dealer. A find change could make it worse, this is not uncommon on European gearbox’s as they can’t predict the wear characteristics when they first design the software.

Ok I’ll go to the bmw dealership tomorrow and see if there is a software upgrade for the gearbox. I will let you know what happens thanks

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Look forward to hearing how you get on👍