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BMW Engine Hesitation

Hi! My name is Melanie and I have a 2004 325ci. The car will hesitate when first started and not move. It’s as if the car is in neutral when I step on the gas as the engine revs and then all of the sudden it jumps into gear and takes off. I had it checked last year for the first time and I was told it was the transmission, that didn’t set well with me as that is $5k. I took it to the dealership and they re-programmed it and that helped some as it was August and made it much less noticable and then it went away as we were moving into the cooler months. I live in Vegas and it is starting to approach those 3 digit temps and the problem is back. It only happens in the warmer temperatures. When I first bought the car in '06 it would have this problem every now and again and it wasn’t consistant. Now its very noticable and driving me crazy! There has to be another reason besides a re-program??? i know the people in the parking garage are wondering why this lady can’t drive a stick shift!

Automatic transmission?

Who told you it was the transmission? (My guess it they were right, at least that far.)

When was the last time the radiator fluid and transmission fluid were replaced?

How many miles on it?

Sounds like the auto-xmission may need to be rebuilt. $5K seems about right for a BMW. It may only need a fluid flush/filter cleaning, and/or some minor adjustments though. An honest transmission shop can tell you one way or the other. With a 2004? Me, I’d be planning on saving up some money.