BMW electric power loss


The heat/AC fan, AC control and air select (ie interior/fresh) stopped working as did the odometor all at one time. It mayto be all one problem but seems strange the the odometor would be effected with these other systems. Any sugestions?

They started making BMW 325’s in the 80’s and probably still do now,what year are we dealing with?

This is a 1987. By the way I have checked and found no bad fuses.

A e-30,the car I owned the most (in Europe not universal AC in the 80’s) but worked on the climate control the least. I am going to have to dig for info here.

Is there a little blue snowflake symbol that lights up when you move the fan speed switch? Your AC is out,I haave seen problems with the fan switch that keeps the AC from engaging. Does your snowflake light up?

This is an e model. The snow flake stopped lighting as did the light showing that interior air is circulating.

All BMW models start with a “E” prefix. Except the new “7” series it’s a “F” and then we have the M-1 (not the carbine).