BMW e46 coil resistance spec?

Just about to change the plugs on the 2004 330i.

I understand that a lot of e46 coils failed and were replaced on warranty. This car has recently developed a couple of quirks that may be coil related, so I want to check the coil resistance while I have them off.

I have not dropped the $90 for a manual for this car yet.

Anyone have the resistance specs for these coils?

Any other tests I can do while they are off?

Should they be hot when I check the resistance?


I realize that this is a fairly esoteric question for this forum, but last time I had a similar question, I got an array of helpful answers here, and not a single suggestion on the BMW tech forums.

I have a Bentley manual for the BMW 3 series but only from 1992-1998. So for what it’s worth, the coil resistance for all engines covered by this manual is 0.4 - 0.8 ohms. Not exactly what you asked for but there it is.

Thanks for responding. I have the older Bentley as well, but the newer style coils look completely different from the e36 coils, so I suspect the resistance might be different.