BMW 524 td Ruined?

I drove my 524 td 30 miles with two problems, 1.) the red oil light was on and 2.) the fuel tank was empty. Just before I got to my destination, with my foot on the accelerator, the engine abruptly died. With the transmission in drive we kept rolling, but I quickly shifted to neutral and coasted the rest of the way into my driveway. Now, I have put 3 gal of diesel in it but when I start it it only runs for 1 min before it roughly sputters out. I pulled the dip stick and there were 2-3 metal bits on it. Is my engine ruined? or do I need to prime the fuel system?

Anyone who drives 30 miles with his oil light on we’re not sure we can advise. The red oil light is a last minute warning that your car engine is already very low on oil, and is about to expire. Orange ususally is a warning light; red means SOMETHING BAD. Did you check the oil regularly (like every second tankful) before this happened? Did the car have a history of using oil?

You are very “lucky” to even have made it 30 miles. It means you had some oil left, but not much.

Yes, I would say the engine is TOAST.

Years ago my wife took a “powder puff” mechanics course at the YWCA. It was designed to familiarize women with cars and their operation and routine care. Each student was asked to tell the class why they took the course. One participant, who had an expensive Oldsmobile, responded “My son borrowed the car and came back in the house saying the oil light was on. I told him, “don’t worry, it’s been on all week”. After that my husband made me take the course”.

Ah, I should have said I pulled over and checked the oil as soon as I noticed the light and the dip stick shows the level to be a hair below the full line. The instrument panel isn’t trustworthy, the check engine, and brake light light is always flashing when they work. My mechanic swears there was nothing wrong with the oil level or filter.

Remove the oil pressure sending unit and connect an external oil pressure gauge. Check the oil pressure during this one minute that it will run.

If the oil pressure is low the engine is gone and there’s no sense is going any further with it.
If the oil pressure is good then a compression test should be done but that will require a special tester, etc. This would have nothing to do with the oil light but could have something to do with the way it runs, or does not run.

oil pressure, or more accurately lack thereof, can cause the light to go on as well. You can have the proper amount of oil, but if your pump isn’t working right, it won’t do you any good because it won’t get the oil where it needs to go. . Like into your engine. . And your turbo.

I’d say you probably hosed your car. If the instrument panel isn’t trustworthy, and you keep driving around without fixing the instrument panel (or more appropriately, fixing what the instrument panel tells you is wrong that you apparently just ignore -wink- ) then you have to expect to destroy your car at some point.

Tow your car to your mechanic and have him evelaute the condition of the motor. My guess is that it is shot.

so…the cyclinders/ and pistons are pulverized. the oil filter is completely clogged with shrapnel. I still haven’t discoverd the initial cause of the problem, but what should I do now? can I get any money from selling it? what do you think a 524 td is worth with a toast engine?