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BMW 440i GC steering wheel slightly to the left

I am wondering if it is normal for the steering wheel of a 440i GC to be slightly to the left when driving straight. I have had the wheels aligned 3 times within the last couple of months by different mechanics. None of them seem to think the wheel is really off-center and that the alignment is perfectly fine. Am I just too picky about the position of the wheel or does it sound like something is wrong?

That can happen because of the crown in the road.



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Makes sense. Just want to understand, though, if my car is on the right side the road, and the right side of the vehicle is slight beneath the left, how does that make my steering wheel hang to the left?

Thanks for your help!

5. Fighting the Crown

Steering pull that’s caused by road crown can sometimes be compensated for by adding positive caster to the left front wheel compared to the right front. You don’t need much, just enough to offset the road crown which slopes to the right. The trick is to find the right amount of caster that keeps the vehicle going straight and keeps your customer happy.