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Blue Ford Aerostar

Was delivering a newspaper route with mine one night when we got 2 foot of snow. Never got stuck. Spent a lot of the night digging out others who were. When I finished the route I figured I couldn’t have made it another block. The van probably would have gone on forever, but to deliver the paper in that much snow I had to get it to the door. And even though it was powder just walking from the van to porch was a lot of work, plus the exercise I got trying to get others out of the snow bank. About halfway through the night I figured that I needed to clear the snow piling up in front of the radiator once in a while. The van had street tires that were iffy (not too much tread left) to say the least, but with all-wheel-drive it was like driving 4 new studded snow tires. Don’t complain about the blue Aerostars. :slight_smile: Mine probably was in good shape because it was driven a lot at 26 mph looking at the scenery by another old dude.