Blown out coil

2001 kia sportage 4 cyl keeps blowing out the same coil. no. 4 cyl coil, had it to shop after shop they just replacing coil not fixing problem any ideas why same coil keeps going bad thanks for any help

You say "keeps blowing the same coil:, Is it htat the one time you replaced it it failed again? if so it might have just been a bad replacement part.

The plug should also be replaced when the coil is replaced.

I agree with Tardis. If the spark plug wasn’t replaced then it should be. The plug is most likely causing a higher than normal impedance to the coil and damaging it.

To follow up on tardis’ recommendation, replace #4 and #1 plug. The coil that fires #4 plug also fires spark plug #1. Also replace the shark plug cables.

How are the coils failing? Are you getting a misfire code DTC P0304?

Hope to help.

Blown is a bad descriptive term to use. This may be a matter of semantics but failed would be a better word to use.

Coils seldom fail on their own; they’re murdered by something else. Misfiring spark plug, faulty plug wire, moisture inside a spark plug well, etc. so replacing the coil is usually a matter of treating the symptom not the cause.