Blown head gasket?

I have a '97 Toyota Corolla I want to sell, but I’m worried that the head gasket might be blown. The symptom is when you step on the gas there’s a delay in acceleration, both when it’s on a side street or a highway. Does not matter if car is warmed up. What else could the problem be? (Not fuel filter or catalytic converter, both changed).

That doesn’t sound like a head gasket issue to me. Is there some other reason that you believe that you have a head gasket problem?

Only that years ago I had a car that wouldn’t accelerate and it was a blown head. Do you have any ideas about what it could be?

It could be plugs, coil(s), MAF sensor, TPS, fuel pump, dirty throttle body, clogged air filter, fuel injectors, and on and on.
Is your check engine light on?
How many miles? Is the scheduled maintenance up to date?