Blown head gasket

I just found out from the local Nissan dealer that my head gasket has blown on my 2000 Xterra. They gave me a quote of about $3,000. I figure that is a pretty inflated price. I plan on parking it until I can save the money to get it fixed, but also plan on getting a second opinion from a local mechanic here in Greensboro. What would you say my options are?

A little recent history… In March, I had the timing belt replaced. About three weeks ago, I took it in to get the exhaust manifold replaced and told them that the check engine light was on. They fixed the manifold, but didn’t come up with anything for the check engine light. A few days later, my engine overheated due to a slow leak from a coolant hose. They fixed that for free because they said that was their mistake when they changed the timing belt in March. The check engine light still came on occasionally, so they checked it out, adjusted the distributor cap, and sent me on my way. That same day, the check engine light came on and stayed on. I took it back in and now I am back to paragraph one.

Also, my friend suggested that I just go out and get a rebuilt engine if it is going to cost me that much.

So there’s been a coolant leak since March, correct? But no one noticed it or checked the coolant level until the engine overheated. Correct again?

The overheating may have caused the head gasket failure. No way to be certain, but it’s a good possibility.

I’d get a second opinion and another price from someone other than the Nissan dealer. Did the dealer do all the previous work?

The dealer did do all the previous work. The coolant leak was more like a drip as far as I could see.

Agree that the overheating spell likely caused the head gasket problem now. While replacing a head gasket isn’t a cheap job, it shouldn’t cost anywhere near $3000. Call around for quotes; I’m virtually certain you can have it done for a lot less than that.

The problem with overheating is that you never really know what damage has been done to the piston rings, cylinder walls, and valve stem seals.

It’s possible to spend 3 grand and have an engine that is now an oil burner.
My opinion would be to find another engine rather than shell out that much for a head gasket job.

That’s what my friend told me. He mentioned that Jasper engines are good rebuilt engines. Know anything about them?