Block Sealer


I have a 99 Honda Accord with 220K miles. I spent the $1500 to redo the head with a new head gasket. However, oil is still leaking (why the head was redone in the first place) into the antifreeze. My shop has advised that block sealer might work. Block sealer or new engine?


How much is the block sealer. If it is like 100 bucks give it a shot. If not then maybe a new engine. How much oil are you loosing. With 220k miles you might be able to drag this thing for sometime.


Put a fork in it! At 220K it was done.


Neither. Try a different shop and have the head gasket redone. Send the bill to the first shop for reimbursement. All they probably did was retighten the head bolts. That was fine, but the dmamge to the head gasket was already done. If, in fact, it was replaced then the first shop is still at fault. The head should have been resurfaced when the gasket was put on. Occasionally the entire block needs to be resurfaced (The two ends of the mateing surfaces). Any mechanic worth anything knows how to check both surfaces to make sure they are still flat. Sounds like this wasn’t done. The second (Reputable) shop will be able to spot a warped head, or a warped block right away. If they say that the head gasket isn’t bad, or failed again then they should tell you either the head or the block is warped. The only cure for a warped block is a total rebuild.