Blinkers inop,car hums,atlenator in question


  1. Blinkers blew a fuse, replaced twice, replaced again w/ 30gauge fuse. Saw little smoke, removed fuse- now it doesn’t work at all

    2. Car engine hums (sounds likes a horn) terribly when at idle or parked. Checked out service engine soon code- it states fuel to lean or rich, problem w/ #2 firing

    3. Autozone says alternator is bad, Firestone say it’s good (they replace it less than a year ago) I may have electrical problems which is causing a drain on my battery. I don’t know if I’m running on pure bateery power or not. Car works fine if I don’t turn on radio or AC

    -All are separate problems on a 2001 Nissan Maxima


with no replies and $87 later, I found my answers- and I am sharing to, to help other in same situation.

took vehicle to nissan dealer and they states:

  1. Check enginge lights- bad airflow meter, reprogram ECM $334.58

  2. Hums comes from engine idler puller/y, belts= alternator. $624.48

  3. under time restraints(closing), they were unable to find blinker problem- have to take it back