Blew the meter fuse after checking the ODB codes?

The check engine light popped up and I assumed it was due to my exhaust because my engine runs great and I have no fluid loss. However I got an error 03:0. I decided to clear it and see if it pops up again. Well. when I went to reset the code, the meter fuse blew. It took out most of my dash board gages and my car was stuck in 3rd or 4th gear. I changed the fuse and it blew again 3 more times. Ended up doing the unwise thing of putting a 15a fuse in until I solve the issue. I didn’t see any pins touching on the ODB port, so I am baffled why it keep blowing now.

Anyone ever run into this before?

I took a guess on year. What year is the car? What fuse is blowing? Is it the Stop LP fuse? If so, The Stop LP fuse feeds the stop lamps the BCM and the power window relay coil.

Swapping that fuse with a larger one is not the thing to do - but you already know that. You can do more damage that way. I’d take it out and try to isolate it with an ohm meter.